Introducing: The Galtline

It is a pleasure to welcome readers to The Galtline, a project that has been seated deep in the minds of myself and my co-founder, Marcus,  since our busy sixth form college days, waiting to be manifest on the cyber-page. The inception of The Galtline has been driven by a mutual desire of ours; to provide a commentary service packed with opinion, debate and conversation on political and economic issues. This is all in the hope of chasing clarity and truth in the midst of these two turbulent environments.

In my opinion, it is this turbulence that makes it a keen interest of The Galtline to never shy away from debate from any quarter of the widespread political aisle. It is an unfortunate, although understandable, trend that conversation surrounding politics is all too often concerned solely with striking a blow for one’s team. There is little merit in simply using the despair of one’s ideological opponent as an intellectual yardstick. A true mark of distinction is to argue one’s point effectively with moral and factual strength, in the interests not of some arbitrary ‘victory’, but in the pursuit of something much more desirable – change and progress, or indeed maintenance and conservation.

For me, change and progress is best concerned with the interests of the individual, unhampered and free. Effectively, it is now that I introduce myself (and in turn introduce my writing) as Libertarian. The Libertarian holds these moral tenets as ideological pillars: the innate right of the individual to their own person and property, freedom and non-aggression. That is to say that it is the best and most moral end is to never use force and coercion, and that all interaction should be voluntary and free. It is using these moral tenets which we can contextualise and in effect bring into the modern political environment a Libertarian perspective.

It is my contention, and the contention of the Libertarian (or, ‘classical liberal’) school of thought, that governments and state apparatus are the most egregious proponents of coercion. Given the legal monopoly over force by means of taxation, the state overreaches itself by taking control over goods and services which could be provided (and arguably be provided at a better quality due to profit incentives) by  individuals participating in voluntary exchanges. Moreover, who should be able to place limits on what consenting adults do with their time, money and bodies without breaching another’s right to their person and property? Where the Libertarian says nobody should be able to, the government says the contrary. Again, the core tenets are freedom and non-aggression: modern day states violate these in numerous ways, distorting their original intended purpose to serve the people, and not the other way round. I shall elaborate on the engine behind these ideas in future pieces, with current affairs as the wheels.

By dint of this you can expect my coverage and commentary to be wholly free of any partisanship. The pursuit of truth and facts to me supersede following the interests of a team or collective. Hopefully you will see in my writing an objectivity-straightened back bone because of this; to criticise and condone when deserved – regardless of political party or collective status.

Another arm to this is a passion for the freedom of thought and opinion. It’s a personal goal of mine to use The Galtline as a platform for varied expression and good, rigorous debate. One of the most healthy exercises the mind can take part in is being open to having it changed; for after all, if we are not malleable we get stuck in ruts of shouting into an echo chamber and agreeing with what comes back. So, expect to be seeing a broad representation of writers. And, whatever your thoughts are, always feel free to talk to us via our ‘comments’ section, social media or email. No-one will be censored.

Setting out the ambitions for The Galtline is a very exciting prospect for myself and Marcus, made all the more salient as it is our first undertaking of this type. I’d like to set aside a moment to talk about my initial vision for it. As well as the varied and broad opinion pieces aforementioned, I hope to publish recorded podcasts. Again, instead of shouting into that echo chamber of one’s own alignment, these will be centred around guests who hold a wide set of opinions and will also be set to a theme. This will keep things interesting and will hopefully keep your ear too. Feel free to leave a like or a follow on the relevant social media to see what the latest is from The Galtline, on The Galtline.

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