On loneliness and alienation

By Steve BrackenMore and more across the Western world, people are being concerned about rising mental health issues and loneliness amongst young people. Luke has written several posts on suicide and suicide prevention already from his experiences, a topic adjacent to this one. Given that I also have some personal experience in this area, I … Continue reading On loneliness and alienation

Suicide prevention: looking past convention

Writing lazy language won’t prevent suicide wasn’t the start point and certainly wasn’t the end point of an exploration of why suicide prevention is stuck in a stasis; people kill themselves and they do it in high numbers. One can’t wish with suicide prevention in order to make it so; it would be impossible to categorically stop … Continue reading Suicide prevention: looking past convention

Rights have been embezzled

It has been the object of debate for centuries, it has been the subject of philosophical tomes for that time too and it is an essential driving component of political systems. A use, or misuse, of the term has played a major part in telling history; and will play a major part in mapping the … Continue reading Rights have been embezzled