New piece on The Undercurrent: ‘Objectivism As A Life Changing Philosophy’.

Dear Galtline readers, Below is a link to my letter to the editor at The Undercurrent, 'Objectivism As A Life Changing Philosophy'; the piece is a short read about how engaging with the ideas of Ayn Rand can have a deep and profound effect on one's view of life - and most importantly one's actions. … Continue reading New piece on The Undercurrent: ‘Objectivism As A Life Changing Philosophy’.

Freemasonry’s new culture of openness

Luke visited Freemason's Hall in London to gain a greater understanding of Freemasonry's place in the modern cultural environment. Freemasonry is a practice that pre-dates modern civilisation. As can often prove useful when tracing origins, we can break the word into its two constituent parts for clarity. Masonry, as a craft of distinguished skill, was … Continue reading Freemasonry’s new culture of openness

Communism isn’t cool

The next few weeks see the centenary of the October Revolution (commonly referred to as Red October) which kick-started the 74-year existence of the Soviet Union – the rise and fall of a failed communist experiment. This seems a perfect moment to ask, despite an estimated 56-62 million ‘unnatural deaths’ in the USSR overall (34-49 … Continue reading Communism isn’t cool

Introducing a theory of online media

Here I introduce the beginnings of a theory on online media production, which will be part of a broader set of writings in this area. The digital media landscape begun its adolescence in the 1990’s. The tail end of this adolescence, the present-day manifestation of the internet, has left us with a quickly developing environment … Continue reading Introducing a theory of online media

The status of Catalan freedom

The current climate of repression in the Spanish region of Catalonia has reached boiling point in the past week. 2.3 million Catalans (43%) turned out for an unofficial vote with 90% backing independence, despite confiscation of ballot boxes and violent opposition from central government controlled police.  900 Catalans were injured and several regional officials were … Continue reading The status of Catalan freedom

Defining the proper role of a police force

‘To protect and serve’: the honourable motto first adopted by the Los Angeles police department in 1955 defines exactly the proper role of police forces and their justification for existence. To protect violent breaches of person and property in servitude of the public that pay them on mass via taxation. The police have responsibility dictated … Continue reading Defining the proper role of a police force

The Charlottesville riots were a tragic revival of violent collectivism

The riots in Charlottesville, Virginia last month were a truly sore display of a most repugnant extreme. Abhorrent Neo-Nazis took to the streets committing violent acts - culminating in a terror attack that saw one woman lose her life and another 19 injured. The actions of the car driver can’t be denounced enough; aggression and … Continue reading The Charlottesville riots were a tragic revival of violent collectivism